Real estate with more than 25 years in the market and more than 6500 homes sold is one of the main real estate companies in Peru. With more than 75 buildings sold (including offices, housing and hotel projects).

372 million dollars invested and 513,000 square meters built, V&V is committed to innovative communication that generates conversions.



  • SEO




Through constant analysis of the website and its analytics, we improve site performance, productivity in media investment and SEO optimization. In addition, we create a blog with the content of interest in order to generate more traffic to the site and increase the quantity and quality of leads.

We base our strategy on the lead’s quality and constantly evaluate the funnel generated. We continuously reinforce the top-of-funnel on tactical branding campaigns and the bottom-of-funnel with remarketing segmentations.


We’ve been strategic partners for 4 years achieving incredible results:

  • 50% of online sales, a number  we reached after 2 years of management starting from 15%.
  • 300% increase of leads with a single increase of 50% of the budget.
  • 2% lead-sales closing ratio, that is, out of every 100 leads 2 become sales.

Summer campaign 2020

An example of their willingness to innovate was the last campaign we worked on for summer 2020.

The premise

We started with the insight that in Peru, a large percentage of Lima residents travel to their beach houses or to the north of the coast to spend the summer, this causes real estate companies to lower their sales.

So we came up with: “Lo mejor del verano no está en la playa” = “The best part of the summer isn’t at the beach” ; a summer campaign that sought to bridge the gap between online and offline. The brief was to generate traffic to the website and we decided to start the campaign outside the online world.

It all started with a panel that was strategically placed on the road to the best beaches in Lima with a minimalist design that said “The best part of the summer isn’t at the beach” In the summer we all wait from Monday to Friday so that on Saturday morning we finally start a 2-hour trip to the beach and yet, a brand had the audacity to tell us that the best of the summer isn’t at the beach?

On the first Sunday of the campaign, 2 days after having the panel setup, new people started searching for our website. This resulted in a 72% growth in sales compared to the summer of the previous year.

Web graphics where we show scenes and photos that could’ve been taken on the beach but were actually made within the projects and common areas of V&V.

Graphics that were published in magazines that were given to people on the beaches of Lima.

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